Famous People of Vienna

Vienna is the hub of many excellent things. It is also the home of many famous people. There have been many historical figures from, as well as artists, and composers. Classical musicians seemed to have flocked and loved Vienna so much that they all lived and worked in this capital city. Let’s look and see what famous people are from Vienna.


            Mozart is one of the most famous people from Vienna. He began working for the Archbishop of Salzburg but was fired for being argumentative and feisty. He was working as a freelancer and teacher in Vienna. Mozart lived and performed in Vienna and there is a museum dedicated to him and his music in this capital city.

Franz Schubert was also from Vienna. He was born in Vienna and died there as well.  Schubert is one of the true children of Vienna. He lived and worked in Vienna as well. There is a museum for him as well in Vienna. There is a church still in the city where he was baptized and attended. His father’s house is on display as well as his old parish house school.

Joseph Haydn was a musical director in Austria, east of the capital city. He eventually came to Vienna and stayed for about twenty years. One of his dear friends was Mozart, which is one reason that he eventually came to the city to stay. In Vienna, there is the house in which he lived his last years in. It is now a museum in his honor. There is also a monument in the city, a mechanical clock with him on it, and several churches are represented that he would attend or visit.

Beethoven lived in Vienna for some time as well. Vienna has the Beethoven museums to show his works during his life and more.  The museum shows Beethoven’s life when he was living in Vienna. The museum shows different parts of his time in Vienna and reflects his personality and shows how difficult his life was since he grew deafer by the years. The museum is a great place to see what Beethoven was truly like in life and in his music.


             Gustav Klimt was a very well-known artist from Austria. He is known due to his painting called, “The Kiss.” He was a leader of the Vienna Secession Movement. He used a lot of sexuality and the human brain and thoughts in his works. Vienna’s rich absolutely loved him and his work. He was given many jobs by the elite and painted many portraits for them.

Egon Schiele was from Austria and became one of the leading artists during his time. He had a specific style like most artists do. He painted physical distortion, conventional forms of beauty, and defiance pieces. During his twenties, he lived a very licentious lifestyle and tragedy. He died just three days after his pregnant wife died. He was 28 and his career was just blossoming into success.

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