Vibeo ICO Review

Vibeo is a platform for social media messaging that uses Ethereum blockchain for encrypting its messages. Participants using this platform are given VBEO tokens for viewing the media and for rewarding all other users who are also on the platform.

Vibeo ICO


Features of Vibeo

·         The participants of this platform can send each other their live locations so that it can help others find them physically.

·         The chat system of Vibeo is quite advanced and is able to send automated messages offline along with having online presence indicators, push notifications, group chats, location sharing, and history management. There is also a feature through which payment transfers and exchanges can be made in the chat.

·         Participants can also use and create timeline blogs where they can share media content and text other members or their friends within this platform.

·         Messages which are sent on this system are encrypted and have peer-to-peer protocols to help prevent any possibility of hacking or manipulation.

·         The name of the currency is VBEO, and the goal of this system is to provide the participants a form of economy where they can make transactions as well as exchange currency within the system.

·         The platform provides a sense of digital community since it is decentralized and helps users and merchants to operate freely.

We’ve seen many positive reviews, however, there is also some negative. Thetechinsider did a review on Vibeo, and they found it to be a bad investment opportunity.

How Does the Vibeo Platform Help?

Nowadays, there is a problem with users’ data being compromised when it is on a social media platform that is centralized, which can lead to people losing their private conversations and other details. Vibeo aims to solve such privacy problems by providing a social messaging system to its users, which is secure and decentralized so that it does not have the risk of information being leaked and the users’ private conversations are safe.

Vibeo is basically an instant messaging application where users can have a financial exchange option as well, which is quite useful for merchants. It also provides its users a system to interact and chat with each other. It is a great new invention when it comes to messaging and the use of social media.

Information About Its ICO

·         Goal for fundraising: 40,000 ETH

·         Date of Sale: 18th September 2018


·         Tokens accepted: ETH